Tritan Water Bottles

Safety for the whole family

An innovative material

Tritan belongs to the category of copolyester, which are free from harmful components that can be found in common plastic bottles, as for example bisphenol A (BPA).

We have chosen this special material for its ALE&GIÒ bottles, giving the opportunity for a growing number of people to care about their wellness with an eco-friendly and innovative product. Using ALE&GIÒ bottles is not just a gesture of care for your familiy and your guests, but also a way to attract interest in non-recyclable plastic issue. Buying ALE&GIÒ tritan bottles, therefore, is a sign of love for our planet and for the health of who will use them.


Till now polycarbonate has been the most used material for plastic bottle production, buti t has been discovered that it releases significant quantities of bisphenol A into food.

It has been proved that Bisphenol A, essential particle for the synthesis of many kind of plastic, included polycarbonate, causes hormonal imbalance and alters our immune system damaging cerebral development and reproductive system.

On the contrary, according to many researches tritan does not release any chemical substance into food, that is why more and more companies chose this innovative material for the production of food containers.


Ale&Gio tritan water bottle has the following characteristics:

  • Impact resistant
  • Hermetic lid with silicone gasket
  • Practical carrying strap
  • Light
  • Eco-friendly
  • Washing cycle resistant
  • Compliant with safety regulation

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