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Heating Bands And Patches THERMACTIVE

THERMACTIVE HEATING BANDS and PATCHES are valid tools to overcome all types of muscle tension that occur throughout the day.

These medical devices are suitable for every age range and thanks to their shape they conform to every part of the body.

In particular we have:

  • Lumbar band - anatomical band with a larger heating area, designed to better cover the lumbar zone. It is also effective on the abdomen in case of menstrual pain.
  • Patch - thanks to its small size it conforms to every part of the body affected by localized pain.

What is muscle pain?

The term Myalgia may not be familiar to everyone, but it has unconsciously come into contact with us, by negatively affecting the quality of our life. But what are we referring to?

Literally, myalgia (from the Greek "myos", muscle, and "algia", pain) means any form of localized and non-localized muscle pain. The muscle area appears contracted and painful when touched or stimulated by movement. In most cases, a myalgic syndrome is temporary if treated, as it is not linked to real pathologies but to a muscle fatigue, contractures and cramps, mostly due to too intense or prolonged physical activity, or even to excessive efforts (especially if these are carried out without a preliminary muscle warm-up or abruptly) or eventually to traumas that occur during sports, such as strains and sprains.

Who most suffers from it?

A percentage between 85-90% of the Italian population aged between 25 and 54 years - over 22 million people - suffers from muscle pain and a consistent group, about 39%, suffers from it at least twice or three times a month. Therefore, believe it or not, six out of ten people every week feel pain. But the most surprising fact is that, while knowing the cause of the pain, 40% of cases are "suffered" in silence, without acting to get a quick remedy.

In particular:

  • 87% suffer from back pain
  • 77% from neck pain
  • 53% from cramps
  • 51% from shoulder pain
  • 42% from contractures.

Among the main causes we find:

  • Wrong movements, which may be due to inattention movements in 59% of cases or daily tasks in 56% of cases, such as carrying shopping bags, getting up from a chair or even from bed, if this movement is done in a hurry and in a wrong way.
  • Incorrect postures that are assumed in the workplace, either for office works or for different occupations that require you to be bent over or standing for a long time.
  • Stress and anxiety, two factors that cause common neck, lumbar or other muscle pains.
  • DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) that is the sensation of pain and muscle stiffness that occurs as a result of eccentric muscle contractions or forms of exercise with an intensity higher than that to which our body is used to.

What are the effects on our quality of life?

Due to muscle pain, our emotional and relational experiences are often deprived or limited.

  • 51% of us give up taking part in a sporting event.
  • 35% give up going out with friends.
  • 30% are unable to play with their children or family.
  • 29% give up sexual intercourse.
  • 16% are unable to take in arm their children.

Source: Duepuntozero Doxa

THERMACTIVE heating bands

Heat therapy is the solution to any type of muscle pain and thanks to our THERMACTIVE BANDS it is always easily accessible.

THERMAL HEATING BANDS and PATCHES, in fact, are able to give immediate and prolonged relief thanks to their effectiveness in keeping the heat on a constant temperature.

The main and fundamental characteristics are:

  • Heat to about 40 ° C for a duration of 8 hours.
  • No presence of drugs.
  • No contraindications.

The benefits of heat therapy

The heat enhances vasodilation with the formation of new vessels in the muscle, allowing a greater supply of blood, oxygen and nutrients to painful or inflamed tissues, giving a sense of well-being even deep in your body and promoting rapid healing. It is as if we open different roads along a route in order to make them accessible by a greater number of vehicles with consequent greater efficiency. It is also necessary to apply our patches and our bands on the painful area in a constant and prolonged way, so that the treatment can work correctly and spread in depth.

Immediate relief of menstrual pain

The use of THERMACTIVE patches and bands must not be limited to a single application on the muscle, as they are able to give extremely immediate relief to menstrual pains due to uterine muscle contractions that reduce the blood and oxygen supply to the muscular fibre cells of the uterus. As stated by Dr. Giulia Zinno, president of Agico (Association of Gynaecologists for Consultation), the local application (i.e. on the lower abdomen) of heat is a remedy used for centuries to reduce pain. Heat reduces the perception of pain and stimulates temperature-sensitive nerve endings by modulating the transmission of painful signals to the brain.


Iron powder

In contact with the environment, the iron powder activates an oxidation process that provoke a consequent heating that reaches 40° C, with a beneficial effect on the muscles.

Activated carbon

Activated carbon allows better heat transfer, created through the oxidation process of iron powder.


Mining material with high insulating ability which is useful in various fields. This mineral is able to slow down the oxidation process so that the heat generated does not dissipate too quickly.

Water, sodium chloride, sodium polyacrylate

They are strong catalysts of this process, by operating during the chemical oxidation of iron. Their aim is to lower the activation energy, thus increasing the speed of the process and therefore increasing its efficiency.

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