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Massage Bed ALE&GIO

The household massage bed derives from an efficient combination of the ancient knowledge of eastern medicine, the most advanced techniques and an elegant Italian design.

Our massaged bed, that has been scientifically studied to combine the properties of chiropractic, acupuncture, moxibustion, the qualities of jade, infrared rays and heating, provides a natural and evident wellness for your body.

The inner roller massages and warms up your back uniformly, thanks to its jade stones, removing the muscular tension and giving a pleasant wellness and relax sensation.

Fascinating design

This sophisticated device, ergonomically designed, will do well in any environment and will give you comfort and health.

Durable and stylish coatings

The coating is made with the same special materials used in the premium-car seats, long-lasting and it is fireproof.


Massage bed ALE&GIO is produced just with high quality materials: refined and strong wood, elegant and resistant upholstery, latest generation epoxide carbon foam and high technology mechanical components. This makes this device the best massage bed on the international market.


The multifunctional remote control, equipped with a 360 ° rotating support, is able to control the functions of the bed and of the two external projectors. Thanks to sound and visual signals on the screen, moreover, it allows the user to manage the device with maximum ease. It has 2 typology of massage: automatic and manual.

Automatic Massage

Thanks to its operation mode, this device will massage and warm your body up.

Manual Massage

Choosing the manual massage, you can decide what part of your body you want to massage.


The reclining system of Asiagem Lux massage bed allows you to lay down easily, without any effort. It has been developed to be safe and functional both on short and long term, to always provide you with ALE&GIO quality

* Recline is only available for the LUX edition.



Massage bed ALE&GIO has been developed so that you can simultaneously use the two external projectors of 5 and 11 jade spheres. The 11 spheres projector has been created with an ergonomic and movable design, in order to allow for a greater adaptability and increase its advantages.


The inner roller, made of jade, emits infrared rays, safely providing a unique wellness sensation. The rails, ergonomically designed, let the roller move silently along the vertebral column, following its natural structure and making an extraordinary stretching effect.


The combination of Moxa panels and stones of germanium, present in the cot, maximizes the effects of the infrared rays, from 4 to 16?m, on the entire body.

6 Colours

Massage bed ALE&GIO is available in 6 different colours. Choose which you prefer, that fits better with your location.






Blue Sky

* LUX edition is used as an example, but the colors are available for both variants.

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