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What is Crisalide

Crisalide is an unique and innovative product, developed after many years of study and research, aimed to give a complete wellness. It has advanced technologies with an elegant Made in Italy design, that let it harmonise with any kind of furniture.

Magnetic therapy, infrared rays issued by the stones of jade, tourmaline and germanium and from nanotech fabrics, joined to the extraordinary pressure massage, give energy and strength to the whole body.

Pressure Massage

Crisalide, thanks to its central and lateral airbags, offers a special pressure massage that stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic system and activates the natural processes of elimination of harmful substances present in our body.

This kind of massage has a special drain function, aimed to reduce the water retention and improve the lymph flow, avoiding the lymph stasis in some part of the body.

Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic therapy gives energy to our cells and has numerous benefits for our health.

It allows to reduce pain and inflammation, improve the capillary flow and cell regeneration, above all at the bone level, as long as other advantages.

jade Stones

Jade is a stone with an extraordinary relaxing effect, both on mental and physical level.

It helps to harmonise energies, stimulates immune system and blood circulation, reinforces hearth and liver and eases kidney activity.


Photons are light particles, carrying information and energy, able to penetrate the tissues of our body. They stimulate cell regeneration, with consequent benefits for the treatment of wounds, scars and skin blemish.


Crisalide has 2 typology of massage: automatic and manual.

Automatic Massage

Crisalide, thank s to its wave and step by step massages, along with a pleasant heating sensation, will give to you 36 minutes of relax.

Manual Massage

Choosing the manual massage, you can decide what part of your body you want to massage, for a duration of 60 minutes.


Photon machine


You can match Crisalide with our photon machine, that can gives comfort and strength to the whole body, with an anti-ageing treatment.



The cover, thanks to the heating produced, makes a pleasant sauna effect, that is enhanced by photons and ceramic microspheres with mineral components.

MP3 radio


Thanks to the MP3, you can have your massage listening to your favourite playlist with earphones or loudspeaker.

Stereo audio system


The stereo loudspeakers will cuddle you with their sound, making your massage a unique experience.

Power supply


Thanks to the power supply, with Crisalide you can charge your smartphone, tablet or just connect your PC to watch a movie during your massage.


Both you want to read a book or just relax for a while, choose the right position with the innovative tiltable system of the seatback.

2 colours

Crisalide is available in 2 different colours. Choose which you prefer, that fits better with your location.



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