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The ALE&GIÒ Beauty cosmetics line, entirely made in Italy from organic farming, offers a selection of natural products able to satisfy any kind of need. Their high-quality level is due, first of all, to their components of plant origin, that guarantee a great performance, restoring the skin balance.

Snail slime face serum

ALE&GIÒ snail slime serum helps hydrate, nourish and regenerate the skin. Thanks to the presence of organic Rosa Damascena water, your skin will be toned and compact.

Snail slime face cream

ALE&GIÒ Snail Slime Face Cream contains a high percentage of snail slime with the addition of snail slime enzymatic extract. The presence of Organic Goji extract and Rosa Damascena water helps nourish your skin.

Face cream

ALE&GIÒ Face Cream has a soft texture thanks to its “complex anti-stress” formula. Among the ingredients are the algae extract with lifting properties and a detox complex that activate the Aquaporins keeping your skin moisturized. Ideal for mature skin.

Cleansing mousse

Thanks to its moisturizing, antioxidant and anti-aging ingredients, ALE&GIÒ Cleansing Mousse removes makeup and any impurities, revealing your skin's natural luminosity while respecting its natural balance.

Disposable face mask - macadamia oil and hyaluronic acid spheres

Offer your skin a relaxing moment with ALE&GIÒ disposable face mask - macadamia oil and hyaluronic acid spheres. The hyaluronic acid spheres and the glucomannan will rest your face and compact your skin.

Disposable face mask - cocoa extract and grapeseed oil

Offer your skin a relaxing moment with ALE&GIÒ disposable face mask – cocoa extract and grapeseed oil. Thanks to the extracts and vegetable oils, it helps the skin to remain elastic.

Snail slime body cream with organic sweet almond oil

Our Body Cream is rich in precious active and moisturizing ingredients. Thanks to snail slime and goji berry extract your skin will feel toned and compact, thus preventing the signs of aging.

Arnica and horsetail extract body gel

Thanks to its soothing ingredients, ALE&GIÒ body gel is ideal for giving a sense of well-being to every part of your body.

Body wash

With the presence of Lemon Essential Oil, organic Kiwi Extract, Cherry and organic Raspberry Extract, ALE&GIÒ body wash has skin moisturizing and antioxidant properties while providing bright effect on the skin.

Spirulina algae and organic green tea extract shampoo

Ideal for all hair types, the ingredients contained within ALE&GIÒ Shampoo, remove impurities while respecting the hair. Spirulina algae and green tea extract have a sebum-regulating action and thanks to the presence of sodium PCA, they will make your hair looking bright and soft.

Hair mask - organic olive oil and organic lemon balm extract

Thanks to its special formula, ALE&GIÒ hair mask helps soften, hydrate and nourish the hair fibres. In addition, organic olive oil and organic lemon balm are ingredients with antioxidant and soothing properties, for immediate vitality and brilliance.

Hair mask - amino acids and linseed oil

Thanks to its formula with restructuring ingredients, including essential amino acids, linseed oil and organic macadamia oil, ALE&GIÒ Hair Mask helps prevent split ends, for soft, shiny and defined hair.

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