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How is the air we breathe really composed?

Air pollution

Air pollution is mainly due to exhaust gas of private and public transports and to home heating systems.

The root of the problem is the presence of big industrial centers (for example mechanical engineering companies, steel companies, pharmaceutical companies, chemical companies, landfills) that with their industrial waste contaminate our most important vital source, the air.

According to the EUROPEAN ENVIRONMENT AGENCY, Italy is among the nations with biggest health risk value.

(Cattani et all.,2017)

How is air pollution composed?

  • PM10 (aerodynamic diameter lower than 10 µm) once inhaled can penetrate in the upper part of the respiratory system, from nose to larynx
  • PM2.5 (aerodynamic diameter lower than 2.5 µm) once inhaled can reach the deeper part of the respiratory system, up to the bronchi.
  • Ultrafine particles (UFP, diameter lower than 0.1 µm) can penetrate up to alveoli and deeper in the organism. It is supposed that they can penetrate blood and cells.

Domestic pollution

WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION confirms that the air inside homes and offices is more polluted that outdoor (even more than 5 times), due to the presence of gas, as formaldehyde and benzene, mold, rests of skin, microparticles deriving from fabrics of curtains, carpets, cloths, excrements and acarus and the list can be longer. If you think that opening the window will be enough to have more fresh and health air, you are wrong.

Change air in one breath!

RESPIRO air purifier is a air filtration system that uses ion-cluster technology to remove microorganisms, dust and odours presents in the air.

Thanks to its elegant design it is perfect for any location and is able to considerably improve the quality of the air we breath. It is composed of a prefilter, with an antimycotic layer that catches the larger air particles, such as hair and dust, and of an activated carbon filter, that removes odours and volatile organic compounds, and of and HEPA filter, that catches very little particles (up to 0.3 micron), with a filtration rate of 99%.


FILTERS of Respiro Plus air purifier are characterised by the combined action of their components:


PREFILTER It's able to catch the very small particles, as dust, which is always present in our homes.


HEPA FILTER It's able to catch the smallest particles present in the air, such as dust, acari, pollen and bacteria, purifying up to 99,7% of particles up to 0,3 micron. With this kind of filter, just 3 particles out of 10000 can pass (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Washington.2003).


ACTIVATED CARBON FILTER It can catch odours in the air, such as cigarette smoke, bad smells, and volatile organic compounds released for example from varnish, solvent or other substances harmful for our health, or even cancerogenic, as formaldehyde, present for example in nail polish or burnt wood smoke.


The high-tech ionization of Respiro air purifier works in three different steps.

  • Release ions, that with air humidity can catch microorganisms and volatile particles.
  • Attack microbes present in the air, creating highly oxidising hydroxide radicals, able to destroy microbes, damaging their surface membrane.
  • Unlikely other air purifiers, RESPIRO during the ionization does not produce ozone, which is harmful for our respiratory system and in general for our health.
  • Negative ions link with particles in the air (dust, aroma, smoke, pollen, bacteria) making them electrostatically charged. Therefore, dust will lay down of the surfaces (for example the wall of the room), without being suspended in the air.

Air quality sensor

Respiro has an innovative air quality sensor, able to detect pollution level in indoor spaces.

Respiro will show the air quality level with different colours.

  • «Blue» air quality is GOOD
  • «Orange» air quality is MEDIUM
  • «Red» air quality is BAD

How does it work?


Power button.

Sleep timer (4H – 8H). WiFi activation button.

Ionization button.

Light adjustment button

Coverage area

100 cubic meters in 1 hour = 50 square meters by 2 meters of height.


Respiro can be connected to your Internet, making this device completely domotic and easily controlled with your smartphone.

In particular you can:

  • Check air quality level.
  • Control all the device functions, even when you are not at home.
  • Activate ordinary practice.
  • Check filter lifespan.
  • It works with Alexa and Google Home.

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