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The goal at the base of the research and development of the products of ALE&GIÒ / Asiagem is to offer physical and mental benefits to those who want to take care of themselves.

This is possible only with a varied and complete merchandise able to accompany those who are looking for an alternative lifestyle throughout the day.

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Italian design and advanced Asian technologies

Crisalide is an unique and innovative product, developed after many years of study and research, aimed to give a complete wellness. It has advanced technologies with an elegant Made in Italy design, that let it harmonise with any kind of furniture.
Magnetic therapy, infrared rays issued by the stones of jade, tourmaline and germanium and from nanotech fabrics, joined to the extraordinary pressure massage, give energy and strength to the whole body.

Infrared Massage Beds

Rediscover the wellness with massage

The infrared massage bed combines the principles of Chiropratic and Acupressure with jade's natural properties, infrareds and the heat spread by moxa and an epoxidic carbon layer.
The inner projector massages and heats your back uniformly thanks to its jade stones, thus eliminating muscular tensions and providing a pleasant wellness sensation.

Magnetic Mat with Amethyst

For those who love to take care of it in the intimacy of their own home

ASIAGEM magnetic mat has been created for people who love taking care of themselves at home. It was born from the union between microtechnologies and some natural materials, which emanate infrareds, photonic light, magnets and negative ions and are able to efficiently screen electromagnetic energy.

Photon Pad with Amethyst

Comfort and relaxation at your home

A new vitality for your wellbeing. Strengthens self-control, self-esteem, inner strength, and memory. Calm, reassuring, fosters median skills.
Photon Pad with Amethyst keeps all the benefts of the most advanced techniques and the ancient knowledge of the eastern medicine, combining the advantages of photons, infrared rays and natural stones, like jade, tourmaline and amethyst.

Massaggiatore Gambe

Donati benessere e sollievo con un massaggio plantare!

Il massaggiatore gambe è un dispositivo, che grazie all’azione combinata degli airbag, dei rulli e del calore, è in grado di offrire una straordinaria sensazione di benessere a gambe e piedi, stimolando la circolazione sanguigna, favorendo il rilascio dei liquidi e delle tossine in eccesso e alleviando pesantezza e gonfiore.

Air purifier RESPIRO

Breathe a different air

RESPIRO AIR PURIFIER is an air filtration system which uses ion-cluster technology to remove airborne bacteria, virus, odours and dust.

Alkaline Water Ionizer

The water that your body needs!

Alkaline ionized water 
- It is rich in oxygen, very useful for human body;
- It can be easily absorbed and activated to help cellular functions, as the size of its clusters (groups of cells) is similar or inferior than that of somatic cells;
- It does not alterate water natural properties and components (calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium) necessary to our body;
- Its clusters are collected in an exagon shape (a 2-4 structure), the best condition for water to be absorbed and to guarantee its functions;
- It has the same healthy effects alkaline food has.

Tritan Bottles

Safety for the whole family

Tritan belongs to the category of copolyester, which are free from harmful components that can be found in common plastic bottles, as for example bisphenol A (BPA).
We chose this special material for its Ale&Gio bottles, giving the opportunity for a growing number of people to care about their wellness with an eco-friendly and innovative product.


Cleaning Fruit, Vegetable And Utensil

OBO is a device able to remove bacteria and pesticides from fruits, vegetables and kitchenware. Thanks to its titanium platinum plates, it activates the electrolysis process of water, triggering a redox reaction and the consequent creation of hydroxyl groups, that operate on bacteria, breaking their cellular surface and modifying their permeability. The result is the demolition of the metabolic cycle of bacteria and their consequent destruction. Hydroxyl groups are also able to break covalent bonds of pesticides and hormones, degrading them and allowing their decomposition into water-soluble substances, harmless for health.

Tritan Water Bottles

Safety for the whole family

Tritan belongs to the category of copolyester, which are free from harmful components that can be found in common plastic bottles, as for example bisphenol A (BPA).
We chose this special material for its Ale&Gio bottles, giving the opportunity for a growing number of people to care about their wellness with an eco-friendly and innovative product.

Biomechanical Shoes

Walking, working, shopping with the right shoes at the feet increases energy and eliminates stress

Biomechanical Shoe makes you feel like when you are walking on the beach/seaside on bare feet; it increases the effects of fitness and deadens the impact between human body and the soil, so absorbing the shocks and giving the perfect strength to the foot.
Keep a healthy posture, make you walk correctly!

Photon Beauty Device

Appear and feel younger

Photon beauty device is a natural and healthy "age erasers". An anti-age treatment with LED light, discovered by the researchers of the NASA.
Our skin is able to absorb photons light and to use it as a source of energy to stimulate cellular regeneration.
Photon beauty device natural light brings several beneficial effects by controlling skin ageing process, skin spots and rash, smoothing wrinkles and reducing the size of enlarged pores.

Nanotech Clothes

Strengthen yourself

Wearing the ALE & GIO nanotechnology clothing you will receive an improvement in the smoothness and elasticity of the skin and during physical activity.


Wellness and elegance always with you

Elegant bracelets, necklaces and pendants that, thanks to magnets, germanium, negative ions and infrareds help the body keep healthy.
Made in ceramics, stainless steel and jade and enriched with the properties of natural stones, jewels are accessories for people who do care about health and elegance!

Natural Plaster Rivitalix

With bamboo extracts

Our natural patches Rivitalix are a medical device designed and produced with refined and innovative materials, able to battle problems due to bad microcirculation.
The properties of bamboo are enhanced by the effects of ginger and artemisia, that help to regulate blood circulation, improve metabolism and soothe tiredness. The vasodilatative properties of ginger and the anti-inflammatory effect of artemisia result in a calming action, able to relax the nervous system and alleviate muscle spasms.

Autoheating Bandages

The innovative self-heating fabric

ANKLE BANDAGE: Thanks to bio-magnetic technology, it helps reducing several kinds of ankle pains.
GLOVE: Higly recommended for all kinds of pains in hands, even tendinitis and problems to ligaments.
LUMBAR BANDAGE: Higly recommended in case of lumbago and sciatica. We advise that you wear the bandage continuously until you feel a relief from pain. Remove the bandage when the heat becomes unbearable.
SHOULDER BANDAGE: shoulder bandage, just like all the other bandages of this collection, is perfectly ergonomic and it uses heat to loosen muscles and to relief you from pains due to sprains, tension, fatigue and arthritis.
KNEE BANDAGE: It is recommended to provide relief from pains due to knee's muscular and articular inflammations.
CERVICAL BANDAGE: The cervical bandage limiting clearly the stiffening of the muscles on the sides of the cervical spine .

Showerhead Hydro

Dona qualità alla tua doccia

Hydro showerhead is the result of years of professional research which has made this product unique and efficient. It comes from the union among different natural substances good for our health and able to improve water quality.
Purified water - Anion's therapeutic function - Aromatherapy and vitamin C's beneficial effects - Reduction of clusters' size - Water saving - Massaging effect


A complete line of products for daily beauty and well-being

The new line of Ale & Gio cosmetics, entirely made in Italy, from organic farming, offers natural products able to satisfy every need. The high quality standard is due, first of all, to the components totally of vegetable origin, which ensure an extraordinary yield, restoring a perfect balance of the skin.
Among the main ingredients used are aloe vera and olive oil which are real beauty elixirs, with moisturizing, antioxidant and soothing properties.

Natural Oils

Prenditi cura della tua pelle

Ale & Gio is pleased to present the new line of products for the care and well-being of the body. These are 4 different natural oils, entirely produced in Italy, from raw materials of exceptional quality, which perform multiple beneficial actions for the skin and the body in general.

Natural Detergent Den

Biodegradable, ecological, eco-friendly

DEN is a natural laundry detergent, that has been thought to be efficient and safe both for men and the environment.
Choose DEN means respecting the environment and one’s own skin. You will avoid contamination of aquatic organism by toxic materials, and absorption by your own skin of harmful substances that will remain on your clothes. DEN does not contain any kind of optic whitening, avoiding the risk of eczemas and contact dermatitis.

Ergonomic Soles in Silver Fiber

L'evoluzione in ogni passo

Our ergonomic soles helps our body keep the correct posture while walking, avoiding shocks deriving from continuous impacts.
Our soles, thanks to their composition, can eliminate more than 660 types of bacteria as they are endowed with antistatic, antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Moreover, long infrareds and anions can prevent skin infections.