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"If one does not know to which port one is saling, no wind is favorable"
- Seneca

ALE&GIÒ means working, personal and economic growth, as it an honest and upright company able to produce safe and well-finished products.

Dare and take the challenge with a company like our's gives you safety and stability. Experience and motivation, that have increased our reputation nationally and internationally for decades, are the core elements of our success.

Our stores have the privilege to offer unique services and products, full of benefits and importance for all of those who want to take care of themselves.

Becoming our affiliate, you can join an exclusive and original reality able to offer you many opportunities of professional and personal fulfillment.

ALE&GIÒ a world to discover

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The strength of our company lies in the training process and in the experience, the professionalism and the attention to our customers.

Giving wellness to people is the basic goal of the continuous effort of our team. The passion you can find in our store, is the same we try to communicate to our customers.

In order that all the members of our team can work properly and in an efficient way, a relationship of mutual trust is needed. This can be achieved just if everyone works with frankness, loyalty and honesty, following the moral code that makes ALE&GIÒ an unique reality.

The highly qualified staff will show you our products, making you try their real benefits with unlimited free trials. Thanks to our frankness and honesty, which are the basic elements of our moral code, we always establish a relationship of confidence and trust with our customers, in order to provide total satisfaction.